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Moms Did This To Promote Post Partum Positive Body Images But See What They Got

Four moms, Desiree Fortin, Katie Crenshaw, Meg Boggs and Bethanie Garcia all met through the social media platform and collaborated on several body acceptance projects. They realized they’d finally have the chance to meet in late April during a conference

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Mum-of-Triplets, Desiree Fortin Who’s Maintained a Positive Post Baby-Bod Image Writes About How She Truly Feels In New Post

32-year-old from Encinitas, California, Desiree Fortin and her husband, Ryan, welcomed their children Charlize, Sawyer and Jax in August 2015. Desiree, who struggled to conceive for three years before finding success with IVF, had her babies through a C-section. Two years on, Desiree is

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