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Nigerian Man, Olayinka Odukoya Takes To Facebook To Explain Why He Is Turning Atheist And Will Never Marry Again Following A Messy Split From His Wife

A Nigerian man, Olayinka Odukoya Ajibola has taken to Facebook to air his dirty linen. The aggrieved man publicly announced his decision to turn atheist after allegedly stumbling upon compelling facts revealing that his church members indulged his estranged wife

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Twitter User Gives Reasons Why Her Entitled Dad Just Disowned Her… You Will Be Shocked As You Read On!

A narration from a Twitter user who recently got disowned by her disciplinarian father will leave you dazed. According to the young Nigerian woman identified as Chiburna on Twitter, her father disowned her for getting excited about her 23rd birthday

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Family Publicly Disowns 27-Year-Old Daughter Over Alleged Lesbianism

On Wednesday, a family in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State took the painful decision to publicly disown one of its daughters over her alleged persistent penchant for lesbianism. National Mirror reports that the family said since their 27-year-old daughter, Omohe

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