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Right Or Wrong? Divorcees To Start Counselling Intending Couples In This State

The Association of Divorcees in one of the States of the country is set to introduce counselling centres for intending couples across the state in an effort to address challenges leading to divorce in marriage. The association’s Chairperson, Hajiya Balaraba

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Wealth Coach & Divorced Mom, Samke Mhlongo’s Message To Divorcees Is So Thoughtful!

Divorce and single parenting are not accepted in Africa and when it’s coming from a woman, she’s looked like someone who committed a taboo. Being a woman in Africa is hard and when you don’t measure up to the society’s

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15 Divorcees Reveal Subtle Red Flags They Ignored Before Getting Married | We Agree with No.3

While other didn’t see it coming, some did. These divorcees on  AskReddit point out red flags indicating their marriage would most likely end in a disaster but waived off. Know the signs… 1. If they cheated on someone before, odds are they’ll do it

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