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Before You Continue Eating That Burnt Foods, You Need To Read This Important Message

A consultant cardiologist, Dr. Eugene Nwosu, has warned against eating burnt foods as they contain carcinogenic substances. Dr Nwosu noted that the charred aspect of burnt foods, when consistently eaten increase carcinogen levels in the body and can predispose to

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Women More Likely Than Men To Die From Heart Attack -Cardiologist, Dr. Eugene Nwosu | Know The Warning Signs & How To Avoid It

Heart disease, according to Dr. Eugene Nwosu, a consultant Cardiologist, is the major cause of death in women and kills more in a year than ovarian, uterine and breast cancers. The expert said experiences and reports have shown that women

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Babies Of Diabetic Mothers Stands A High Risk Of Developing These Health Issues | Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Eugene Nwosu

A consultant Cardiologist has stated that babies born by diabetic mothers risk developing diabetes and a weakened immune system that is capable of making them susceptible to infections and other health challenges as they grow. The expert, Dr. Eugene Nwosu

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