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See Important Information On Why Wearing Tight-fitting Shoes Or Socks Can Be Fatal For Babies -Dr. Peter Atangwho

A General Physician, Dr. Peter Atangwho, has urged mothers and caregivers to stop wearing tight-fitting shoes or socks for babies. Atangwho, Chief Executive Officer of TeleMed Online Clinic, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria. The

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Does Using Deodorants In Armpits Cause Breast Cancer? –Medical Expert, Dr. Peter Atangwho Addresses The Controversy Around It

A medical practitioner, Dr. Peter Atangwho, has addressed the controversy around whether applying deodorants to armpits causes breast cancer or not. Atangwho, the Chief Executive Officer of TeleMed Online Clinic, told the News Agency of Nigeria that scientists had not

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