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Family Life Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Shares 4 Ways Gifting Your Partner or Cherishing Their Gift Can Help Fix Your Marriage This Christmas

Christmas is a season filled with many surprises and renewed expectations and exchanging gift is one of the best aspects of the Christmas tradition which can come with a lot of anxiety, confusion, and sometimes total meltdown too. Unfortunately, this

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Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Lists 7 Key Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Spouse 

Love is built on trust. Often, people think that love can conquer whatever obstacle shows up in their relationship, but it is trust that truly conquers. Trust holds everything together. Trust pushes us to believe that we can overcome every

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Marriage Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Lists 4 Reasons Why Cutting People Off After Your Marriage Can Ruin Your Home

Marriage is unpredictable and certainly not the antidote for the different challenges couples are likely to encounter in their marital journeys. Many people make the mistake by assuming that once they get married, only their spouses’ matters and gradually begin

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3 Practical Tips To Help You & Your Spouse Survive As A Couple During These Uncertain Times

The situations in the past few months have brought many uncertainties in people’s lives leaving many in a state of fear and many others insecure about the future. Many couples are currently living in a suspended present and struggling to

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5 Reasons To Give Love Another Chance In A Struggling Marriage

Life comes with many challenges and changes; everything has its own time and season, there is time to “love and time to hate, a time for war and time for peace.” Like in marriage, there are good and bad times

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4 Reasons Why Respect Is Key To The Survival Of Your Marriage

A good marriage does not only require a great deal of love but also respect which is often regarded as the number one component in a marriage that aspires to succeed. In fact, it is said that a marriage may

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Here’s How Criticism Can Benefit Your Marriage According To Relationship Expert, Elizabeth Badejo

The word “criticism” is not a word most couples want to relate with in their marriage as it is often connected with negative practices of gauging a partner’s faults which often lead to provocation when not done with good intentions.

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Marriage Tip: How To Confront These 3 Inevitable Fears In Marriage – Expert

There are different stages in marriage when a couple may begin to experience a sense of fear about their future together. Like any big changes in life, marriage can also go through many stages of doubts and fears of the

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4 Important But Difficult Questions To Ask To Secure Your Marriage- Relationship Expert, Elizabeth Badejo

There is never going to be the right time and place to ask difficult questions in your marriage. Nonetheless, you must bear in mind that the essence of a good marriage is openness and knowing that come rain or shine,

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