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Expert Opinion: Why Sickle Cell Carriers Can Marry Each Other

The Chief Executive Officer of the Sickle Cell Foundation, Dr Annette Akinsete, has said carriers of sickle cell anaemia should not be discouraged from marrying each other. Akinsete, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Muyiwa Talabi Exchange Blood

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Medical Expert, Dr. Tunji Akintade Gives Handy Tips For Healthy Living

Good health is perhaps the most overlooked blessing but it should not even be so; considering that it is impossible to lead a fulfilling life with a compromised health. Regular medical checkups are an important way to stay on top

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Expert Advice On The Correct Way To Use Antibiotics

Some concerned pharmacists have advised Nigerians on the correct ways of using antibiotics, while warning of the dangers of indiscriminate use of same. The experts spoke on Friday at an event organised by the ST. RACHEAL’S Pharmaceutical Nigeria Ltd. to

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Understand Why Addiction Expert, Mandy Saligari Warns Parents That “Giving your toddler a phone is like giving them hard drugs”

Most people understand addiction to mean an unhealthy fixation on narcotics, sex, gambling and outright vices. However, an addiction is basically compulsive engagement in an activity for rewarding stimuli despite the adverse consequences. All addictions work the same way and

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