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Nigerian Mum, Oluwabusayo Reuben Shocks Her Friends With Revealing Facebook Post That Alleges Her Husband May Kill Her

A Nigerian mum Oluwabusayo Reuben shocked her friends when she took to Facebook to let the world in about her marital woes and suggest that her husband may get her killed. According to the mum who is identified by her Facebook

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Dear MIMsters: After Been With All These Women, I Am Fed Up With My Life

I am fed up with my love right now. Back then in my University days, I dated this girl, Bukky whom I really loved and she loved me too. We love each other so much to the extent that she

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Dear MIMsters: I Need Help as I’m Fed Up With My Husband

I got married to my hubby 6 years ago and we have 2 kids and I am fed up. I’m more advanced educationally than hubby. I started higher institution a year after I had my first child. Problems started when

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