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Struggling With Feeding Your Baby? Check Out These 3 Simple Baby Feeding Tips From Baby Expert Duo

For many nursing moms, it can be a frustrating and messy event feeding your babies, but the duo of Megan McNamee and Judy Delaware are teaching other parents how simple it can be. They’re the founders and experts behind “Feeding

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Tragic! Mum Falls Asleep While Feeding her Baby at Night…What Happens Next is Heartbreaking

A newborn baby girl less than one month old has died after her mother accidentally fell asleep while she was feeding her in the middle of the night. Metro UK reports that the little girl, who was just 25 days old

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Nanny To The Rescue: Would Preparing My Baby’s Meals With Low-fat Ingredients Help Control His Alarming Weight Gain?

Our in-house nanny answers your baby, toddler and preschooler questions… Q: My 19-month-old son is getting too chubby for his age. I’m very worried. Would preparing his meals with low-fat ingredients help? Concerns about your baby’s weight or health in

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8 Useful Tips Every Breastfeeding Mum Should Apply

Breastfeeding is a natural process, however, it is an art to be learned to prevent or manage hiccups that may impede having a very pleasant experience with your baby. Find 8 useful tips every nursing mum should know and apply

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Nanny to Rescue: How Can I Tell My Baby Is Getting Enough Milk?

Our in-house nanny answers your baby, toddler and preschooler questions… Q: I had my first baby about 4 months ago, so, I’m quite new to motherhood. Sometimes, I worry she’s not eating enough milk. How often should my baby be

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Introducing Solids? See 5 Feeding Problems Baby May Have & What to Do

While some mums are lucky to have babies who eat whatever is offered without any fuss once solids are introduced, most mums experience a couple of challenges getting their babies to eat. Find common feeding problems you may encounter during

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3 Ways To Get Your Picky Child To Eat

Top It! Toddlers are into toppings. Putting nutritious, familiar favourites on top of new and less-desirable foods is a way to broaden the finicky toddler’s menu. Favourite toppings are yogurt, cream cheese, melted cheese, guacamole, tomato sauce, applesauce, and peanut

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