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#EndSARS: How Nigerian Women Are Pooling Resources & Defying Odds To Drive Perhaps The Biggest Political Awakening Yet In Nigeria

What began as a hashtag – #ENDSARS on Twitter has spread globally with a crop of young women collectively driving this need for change. They say if you want something done, then tell it to a woman. From catering to

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Nigerian Writer, Praise George Advises On What Should Come First For Women Who Desire Both Marriage & Career

A Nigerian writer by the name Praise George has called a big lot of single women in Nigeria ‘lost’. According to the opinionated author, a lot of women have degrees but have no capacity to discern good from bad. His

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Lifestyle Blogger, Ajike, Explains Why She Is Not A Feminist, Lists All The Reasons Why Only Men Should Be Feminists

Nigerian writer and lifestyle blogger, Ajike is one girl who knows how to have fun, but she does enjoy to have intelligent contributions on social discourse just as much. Ajike, who describes herself as a lifestyle guru and sex therapist

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Nigerian Writer @Anabagail, Solves The Puzzle On Why Women Find Abusive Men Charming?

A Nigerian writer made an observation and took to her Twitter handle @Anabagail to relate her opinion which turned out to be unpopular with feminists on the platform. According to the writer, traits that gender activists describe as toxic in men

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Why Every Woman Should Be A Feminist As Defined By Ezinne Akudo

Former Miss Nigeria, Ezinne Akudo has taken to Instagram to address people who say they are not feminists. Ezinne’s post comes after a video of Annie Idibia went viral, where she said she is not a feminist and that women cannot

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