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Lifestyle: How Eating Too Much Rice Is Slowly Poisoning Consumers Globally

Low levels of arsenic in grains can increase risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, liver disease, study warns Scientists have found that eating a lot of rice increases the risk of dying from heart disease due to the naturally

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Pre-eclampsia Risk During Pregnancy Lowered With High-Fibre Diet- Study

There is scientific evidence backing the lowered risk of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy if pregnant mums can adhere to a healthy meal plan c0ntaining high fibre according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre, the

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9 Made Simple Categories Of Must-Eat Nutrients For Your Child

Parents want their child to have a great start in life and one way to achieving that is by giving these little ones nutrient packed foods. If you are not sure your child is getting his daily dose of balanced

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