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9 Things New Moms Don’t Know About Breastfeeding

It’s a whole new life of discovery for first-time moms. They may have helped take care of their younger sister or niece when she was born, but having your own baby and being responsible for its every need is a

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11 Things You May Not Have Been Told About Labour

Pregnant for the first time and wondering what labour entails or just curious about the process? Here are a few basics no one may have told you about… 1. Your water (the amniotic fluid which forms a protective sac around your baby)

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Your Baby’s First Week: What to Expect & How to Cope

Chiomah Momah You’ve gone through the 9 months of endless trips to the bathroom, heartburn and sleeping on your side and at last your precious baby is here, hurray! However, despite all the excitement, bringing your baby home for the

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