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To Let Parents In On How Paedophiles Groom Their Victims, Police Release Graphic Exchanges Between Two Men Plotting To Rape A 3-Year-Old Girl

There’s often no tell-tale signs when trying to seek out a possible peadophile, that is why it is essential for parents to be on the alert and not be fooled to exempting anyone no matter their appearance as a possible

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70 years After She Was Told Her Child Died In Labour, Mother And Daughter Re-unite

Genevieve Purinton says she was told that her daughter died shortly after birth in 1949. “I asked to see the baby and they said she died, that’s all I remember,” said Purinton, now 88. But it turned out that daughter,

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60-Year-Old Son Lived With Mother’s Dead Body For Months To Claim Benefits

60-year-old Micheal Eugene Sticken who had been withdrawing his mother’s social security money monthly has been arrested after the police found his mother’s dead body on his couch under a pile of blankets. The Daily Mail reports: A Florida man

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