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FAMILY RECIPE: Sweet Potato & Broccoli Porridge

By Faustine Christiansen Here’s another absolutely yummy sweet potato pottage my family loves so much. Of course, you can replace the broccoli with any other vegetables of your choice. It is nutritious and easy to make. Try it out this

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Family Recipe: Rice & Meat Balls

By FC As a stay-at-home mum who also works from home, coming up with quick and easy-to-prepare recipes that will reduce my cooking time so I can create some extra time for myself and time alone with my kids during

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Baby Recipe: Potato & Leek Soup

By FC Hey, mums! Give your baby’s taste buds an exciting adventure with this tasty and easy-to-prepare soup. Appropriate from 12 months. Ingredients 1 leek (chopped; white and light green parts only) 3 large potatoes (peeled & chopped into smaller

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BABY RECIPE: Cauliflower-Potato Mash

By FC This tasty and easy-to-prepare recipe will excite your baby’s taste buds and get them smacking their lips for more. Appropriate from 12 months. Ingredients 2 Irish potatoes 1 large sweet potato About 200 g cauliflower 3 tbs butter

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By FC Here’s one of my healthy and low calorie family dinner recipe. It’s very filling, easy to prepare, and as usual, very yummy. Try it out this weekend. You’ll need 2 dl brown rice 1 large fresh red paprika

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Fussy Eater: Healthy Alternatives For Your Child

If your child refuses to touch certain foods or vegetables that he or she is being given, don’t worry! We’ll provide you with other options they may likely prefer. That way, they can still get their essential minerals and vitamins.

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