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Police Spokesperson, Frank Mba Issues A Very Vital Information To Victims On How To Preserve The Evidence Of Rape

The reporting of rape cases is very challenging in developing countries like Nigeria, especially when the victims report the abuse years later. Rape cases are the most difficult cases to prove in courts. Police Spokesman, Mr Frank MBA is enlightening

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MUST READ: Spokesperson, Frank Mba Gives Tips For Safe & Cordial Interaction With Men Of The Police Force (Part 2) 

The Nigeria Police Force has continued to share important information and tips on how members of the public can forster cordial relationship with the Police Force. The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said this in a statement on Monday

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Police Killings: Spokesperson, Frank Mba, Gives Tips For Safe & Cordial Interaction With Policemen (A Must Read)

In the wake of recent killings of innocent citizens by unscrupulous officials of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS and also unprovoked attacks on policemen by some criminally-minded persons, the spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, Frank Mba, has provided tips

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