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New Study Finds That Eating This Fruit Could Reduce Wrinkles

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you may want to bypass the skin care aisle and head to the produce section instead. A recent study found that eating this type of fruit could minimize facial

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Consultant Nutritionist, Olusola Malomo Shares Lifestyle Tips To Boost Immunity Against COVID-19

A consultant nutritionist, Dr Olusola Malomo, has recommended some lifestyle tips to boost immunity against COVID-19. Malomo, who is also the Publicity Secretary of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, gave the advice at a healthy living dialogue organised by CHI

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NCDC Boss, Chikwe Iheakweazu Speaks On Fruits As A Possible Mode Of Transmission Of COVID-19

Chikwe Iheakweazu, the Director-General of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control NCDC, has addressed the speculations that fruits may actively spread the dreaded COVID-19. Ihekweazu while responding to a question posed to him by a reporter at the daily briefing

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Does Consuming Fruit During Pregnancy Improve Cognition In Babies?

You may have heard of a 2016 study linking cognitive enhancement in babies with eating more fruit during pregnancy. But how strong is that link? That’s the question scientists at the University of Alberta asked as they set out to

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How An Apple A Day May Keep Bothersome Menopausal Symptoms Away

A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is known to benefit the human body in so many ways. Now a new study suggests that it may also play a role in lessening various menopausal symptoms. Study results were published

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Nigerian Pharmacist, Emmanuel Tangang Explains Why You Should Avoid Eating Fruits During Medication

A Pharmacist, Emmanuel Tangang, has warned that certain fruits and prescribed drugs do not work well together and can infact result into a health nightmare when combined. Tangang gave the advice during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria

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New Study Suggests Making This Diet Adjustment Can Lower Women’s Risk Of Dying From Breast Cancer

In the largest trial of its kind, researchers followed almost 50,000 women over the course of two decades. Around half were asked to slash their fat intake by around 20 per cent and consume an extra portion of fruit, vegetables

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