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FG Alerts Nigerians Of Coronavirus Malware That Can Lock Them Out Of Their Gadgets

The Federal Ministry of Information and Culture has warned Nigerans of the existence of an Android-based malicious and fraudulent Coronavirus Ransomware Application. While the ransomeware application claims to provide updates on the virus and infections near the user, when downloaded it blocks

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Understand Why Addiction Expert, Mandy Saligari Warns Parents That “Giving your toddler a phone is like giving them hard drugs”

Most people understand addiction to mean an unhealthy fixation on narcotics, sex, gambling and outright vices. However, an addiction is basically compulsive engagement in an activity for rewarding stimuli despite the adverse consequences. All addictions work the same way and

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How To Stop Cellphones & Electronic Gadgets From Keeping Your Child Awake at Night

With the current rate of technological advancement, children are getting to know how to use electronic devices even better than adults some times. It is a well known fact that children are exposed to their phones, TV screens, laptop and iPad

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