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Dear MIMsters: How Being Financially Needy Would Have Scarred Me For Life

I was very financially needy when I was in University because I had no source of income. My father had passed on when I was a teenager and my mum could barely cope with the needs of 4 children, so

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Comedian & Dad-Of-2, ‘I Go Dye’ Inspires Hope As He Recounts His Days Of Little Beginning

A person’s greatest potential lies in the humble attitude of relating their past to the future, with insightful true life stories that give hope to the hopeless. Famous Nigerian comedian and single father of two, Francis Agoda a.k.a I Go Dye, recently

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See What Nigerian Business Mogul Who Proposed To His Wife 20 Years Ago Without A Ring Bought For Her

When Ubong King, a Nigerian business Mogul proposed to his wife in 1997, he had nothing to his name, not even a place to live. Today, twenty years later, the fully accomplished security expert tells us grass to grace story

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