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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Avoid Sleeping With My Guardian?

How do I avoid sleeping with my guardian? I am living with a family friend whose immediate sisters and brothers also live with him. He is single but in serious relationship that will most likely lead to marriage. Apart from

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Man Calls On Government To Help Rescue Boy Constantly Tortured By Guardian

A Lagosian, Micheal Adesokan, took to Twitter on the 21st of August to report the excesses of an unidentified guardian, said to be a teacher with the Lagos State Government, towards a little boy in her custody. He shared these disturbing

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6-Year-Old Maid Allegedly Labelled A Witch And Brutalized By ‘Madam’ In Abuja

A 6-year-old housemaid was allegedly brutally beaten by her madam in Abuja, before sending her back to her family in the eastern part of the country. According to an embittered Facebook user, Rita Ifeoma Anyim, who shared the heartbreaking story and

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