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Actress/Mum-Of-Three, Victoria Inyama Lists Reasons Why She No Longer Takes Her Children To Church

Nigeria-born actress, Victoria Inyama, presently residing in London, United Kingdom, has said she has stopped taking her kids to church and that she has good reason for doing so. In an Instagram post, the mum-of-three said her decision causes her

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Dear MIMsters: I Thought My ‘Known Secret’ Would Destroy Me But God Had Other Plans

I thought this known secret of mine would be my undoing but God had other plans for me. I grew up in a strict and very religious home. So when I was going into the university, I made up my

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Dear MIM: Should I Tell My Doting Husband This Dark Secret Or Secretly Keep Dealing With My Guilt?

I am a 25-year-old married to a gentle, caring, loving and hardworking husband. My husband is 34 and I couldn’t ask for a better father for our twin boys and lovely girl. Before I got married to him, he was

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