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Dear MIMsters: I Am Completely Heartbroken After He Treated Me This Way

I urgently need advice from my fellow Mimsters as I am heartbroken and do not know who to turn to now. I met the father of my 8 months old baby in 2010 when I was living with my mother’s

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Dear MIMsters: The Only Man I Truly Loved is Getting Married

The only man I ever truly loved is getting married to another woman this month and it hurts so much. Although he didn’t promise to marry me, I have always earnestly prayed to God that I want him. This has

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Woman Whose Fiancé Dumped On Their Wedding Day Shares Heartbreaking Story

Cyndi Maisonneuve who seems to be over being dumped an hour before her wedding shares her heartbreaking story in a letter with the Guardian. Cyndi Maisonneuve says she was “blindsided” when her fiancée broke things off as the wedding guests

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