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Mum, Shaketha Marion McGregor Is Now A Viral Sensation After She Hired Her Three Kids And Pays Them Salaries For Household Chores

An Atlanta based mum named ‘Shaketha Marion McGregor’ had begun recruiting her children to work in various house departments to enable them to earn income and build their credit score. According to McGregor, her children had been requesting for money,

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Pentecostal Preacher Chides Men On The Archaic Believe That Kitchen Is Only Reserved For Women

The Mangoase District Pastor of the Church of Pentecost, Pastor Seth Henneh has urged men to stray from the archaic thought that suggests the kitchen is only reserved for women. While speaking to his congregation, the Ghanaian preacher admonished men

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Married Man Tells Off Men Who Enslave Their Wives In Viral Post | See Photos

In an online post, an unnamed married man is advocating for wives who are otherwise treated as maids. The post which has gone viral online encourages men to assist their wives or partners to alleviate the stress on women caused

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