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When Your Husband Is Doing It With The Maid: Nollywood Actress, Kehinde Olorunyomi Points Out Major Sign

Nollywood actress, Kehinde Olorunyomi took to Twitter and Instagram to point out to wives, a major sign their husbands might be sleeping with the maid. The mum-of-two also shared that the onus lies on the woman of the house to

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Dear MIMsters: What Would Have Happened To My Marriage If The House Help Had Gotten Pregnant

What would have happened to my marriage if the house help had gotten pregnant? I am married with two boys. My family moved into a 3 bedroom apartment five months before my wife gave birth to our second son. Immediately

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‘How I discovered my baby’s nanny is HIV+ & breastfeeds my son’ – Actress Jacqueline Nyamide

Kenyan actress, Jacqueline Nyamide, popularly known as Wilbroda, was shocked to find out that her nanny usually breastfed her then 8 months old son whenever she was away. In a chat with Kenyan Parents Magazine, the celebrated mom who once stated that she

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Graphic Photos: Man Assaults Young House Help For Allegedly Stealing His Money

A man has served his very young house-help a huge blow of domestic abuse after allegedly accusing him of stealing his money. These disturbing images have gone viral. According to a Facebook user identified as Onyeka Mbaeze, who posted the

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House Help Who Connived With Brother To Steal Boss’ £40,000 Tells Why

Ugbem Samuel, a 24-year-old domestic help has been arrested for stealing £40,000 from his boss, Ajadi Babatunde, of Dipo Oyewole Street, Magodo, Lagos. He was assisted by his younger brother, Ugbem Monday, a commercial motorcyclist in Ikorodu. The brothers who were

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Bishop Charles Ighile And Wife Talk On Why Married Men Sleep With Their Housemaids

In a recent interview, the General Superintendent of The Holy Spirit Mission Church (The Happy Family Chapel), Bishop Charles Ighile and his wife, Rev. Caro Ighile, spilled on the reason why many married men sleep with their housemaids and why

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Househelp Claims Satan Made Her Do It After Penetrating 4-Year-Old Using Her Fingers

A female house help who could not hold her sexual urges has landed in trouble after she sexually molested a four-year-old girl and claimed it’s satan that made her do it. The 28-year-old woman identified Felista Wachira allegedly penetrated the

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Photos: Wicked House-Help Was Caught Doing This

According to a source, this (angry) young and wicked househelp was caught on camera proudly wiping her private part, legs, body sweat and ear wax with the same washcloth she uses to wash her employer’s dishes. See photos… This is

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