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The Good, the Bad & Everything You Need to Know About Housemaids

Adesua Iyoyojie The word housemaids means different things to each individual – some like the idea of it, while others don’t. House help means home-destroyer, husband snatcher or evil to many women; while they are really seen as an essential

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Woman Followed Her Instinct & Sacks Housemaid… You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

This Nigerian woman who is the CEO of Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel took to her Instagram handle to expose her housemaid after she followed her instincts which led her to some shocking discovery. The lady revealed that after the girl was employed, she

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HOUSEMAIDS: Working Wives Narrate Their Experiences With Randy Husbands

It’s one thing for a man to cheat on his wife with another woman, it’s another thing when that other woman happens to be a domestic staff, simply put, nanny, housemaid, cook or anyone under your employ. It is insult

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