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Mary Remmy Njoku’s Thoughtful Note To Men Is A Must Read

Nollywood actress and movie producer, Mary Remmy -Njoku has written an insightful note to married Nigerian men who look down on their full-time housewives. In an Instagram post she shared, the mother of three stated that women who give up

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The Abuse Of House Helps / Domestic Staff Among Nigerian Women? Let’s Get Real!

The lid has been blown open and it’s time to have this nagging conversation bordering on domestic staff abuse in Nigeria. Too many Nigerian mums and housewives, it appears, are perfect abusers of children, teenagers, even adult domestic staff in

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Adulterous Housewife Stabs Neighbour For Exposing Her Affair With Lover

A woman has been stabbed by her female neighbour, a housewife, for allegedly exposing her illicit affair with a lover. The 30-year-old woman, who is also a housewife, Adedoyin Adeniyi, was stabbed in the face by Zainab Fatai, for allegedly

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