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Seyi Law Encourages On Healing From A Hurt Caused By A Loved One In Heartwarming Post

Ace comedian Seyi Law has taken to social media to share his thoughts and dish out some advise on the proper way to heal after one has been hurt. Seyi noted that the most difficult hurts to heal from are those

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Dear MIMsters: How Can I Forgive My Mummy?

My mummy is wicked and heartless. She had me out of wedlock and after many years got married to another man who was a teacher. That was when my suffering started. When she was about to give birth to her

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Dear MIMsters: Am I doing the right thing or making the mistake of my life?

I met and fell in love with this guy in 2015. He said he loves me and I’m everything he wants in a woman. Today, it’s a different story and want to know if I’m making a mistake. One year into

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