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How Jigawa-born Identical Twin Brothers, Saidu & Saadu Yusuf Married Identical Twin Sisters and Have Identical Twin Children From Both Their Marriages

Saidu Yusuf and his twin brother, Saadu Yusuf  are identical twins with a rather interesting life that they share together. Apart from being identical twins, the Jigawa State-born duo married twins from Daura, Katsina State; hometown of the President, Maj.Gen.

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Absolutely Amazing But Weird Story Of Identical Twins, Brittany And Briana Deane, Who Share Same Personality

Twin girls Brittany and Briana Deane are the latest sweethearts for folks who love reality TV. The twins made a show-stopping entry into the world of reality TV when they got featured on a special series called ‘Twinsane’, on American

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Remarkable! Identical Twins Welcome Babies Same Day, Same Time

35-year-old identical twin sisters Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers, welcomed their firstborns into the world at the same time, and on the same day. Over the years, the two sisters have shared everything in common, ranging from clothes to toys ,

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Meet 100-Year-Old Identical Twins Who Have Never Lived Apart

Identical twins, Mary Belle Roach and Mae Belle Powell, from Symsonia, Kentucky, who just turned 100, say they have never lived apart. After a century of sharing a very unique bond, the pair still dress alike, get their hair done

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Identical Twin Brothers Married to Identical Twin Sisters Set To Undergo Minor Facial Surgeries

Identical twin brothers, Zhao Xin and Zhao Xun, from China who also got married to identical twin sisters are set to undergo minor cosmetic surgeries. This is to reduce the awkward identification problems they face. The couples’ identity problems reportedly started when

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Identical Twins Who Murdered Their Own Mum Sentenced To Jail

Four years after brutally murdering their mother, 20 year-old identical twin sisters have been sentenced to 30 years in jail after admitting to the brutal murder of their mother. Mail Online UK reports; Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead were 16 when

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