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6 Ways To Boost Your Child’s Immune System

You have probably heard that the immune system helps to fight off infections and maintain sound health; it actually functions as a network of organs and processes in the body that form a defence against infections and diseases. The stronger

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Simple Tips on How to Boost Your Child’s Immune System (Part Two)

Matthew Imerhion You’ve probably heard countless times that the immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs working together to defend the body against the several harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, encountered on a daily basis which

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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System During Pregnancy

Eyinade Eweje Did you know the immune system is suppressed so the body doesn’t see the sperm or foetus as an invader and reject it? Consequently, during pregnancy, the white blood cells become less powerful, making you more prone to

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