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Infant Constipation: Causes, Symptoms And Remedies

Many parents worry about their baby not pooping enough, not because handling poop is some parenting sport, but constipation can make your infant really uncomfortable and fussy, no parent wants that. Seeing your baby helpless and uncomfortable can be really

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Newborn Jaundice: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Infant jaundice is surprisingly a common condition that affects about 50% of newborns. The condition is characterised by yellowish coloration of a baby’s skin, and the white part of their eyes. READ ALSO: See Why Dad of a Newborn 4Qhen, Almost

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Shocking Child Abuse: 11 Month Old Baby Raped by Uncle in Ogun State 

*viewers discretion advised* An 11-month old baby (name withheld) is currently battling for her life after being raped by a 27-year-old uncle, identified as Ibrahim, in Ijebu Igbo area of Ogun state. Sources reveal that the mother of the little child

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Touching Story of How Infant Died After Being Neglected by Babysitter

A twitter user @desslorraine, shared his heartbreaking story about the passing of her infant son, Landon.  According to her, the babysitter had left him in the bath tub unattended to. The heartbroken mother narrated the incident after creating a ‘Gofundme’

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