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Supreme Court’s Decision Upholding The Right Of Female Children To Inheritance Divides The Igbos

The Supreme Court in a landmark decision, has upheld the right of a female child to inherit properties of her father. By this decision, the apex court has voided the Igbo age-long law and custom which forbid a female child

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Why Leaving Your Kids Filthy Rich Isn’t Good For Them: Billionaire Dad-Of-5, John Caudwell Tells Us Why 

Leaving money to your children is the aspiration of most parents but we have heard many business moguls, including Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, Billionaire investor, Warren Buffett, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg view the subject much differently. They all seem

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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Protect My Inheritance From My Husband?

I’m married with two kids, my husband and I love each other and he is an amazing father to the kids who can do anything for them. I writing to find out how to protect my inheritance from my husband

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How Parents Tricked Son into Believing The Hitman he Hired Killed Them

A 22-year-old man’s plot to assassinate his parents and sister was foiled when police got his parents to play dead. It is alleged that the prodigal son had hired an assassin to murder his wealthy parents and ten year old

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See Rude Comment Nigerian Man Posted About Mark Zuckerberg & His Kids

A Nigerian man who goes by the name Amoo Joshua Oluwatimilehin exposed his patriarchal views to the whole world. He claimed there would be no one to inherit the Zuckerberg fortune if he keeps birthing daughters instead of sons. Facebook CEO

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