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Alicia Keys’ Positive Outlook On Her Insecurities And Seeking Validation Is Applaudable!

Award-winning American singer and songwriter, Alicia Keys, recently took to social media to show us that she is human with flaws and insecurities. The mom-of-two shared snippets of her conversation in an interview with Allure magazine on her official Twitter

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How You Can Overcome Envy And Stop Comparing Yourself To Others -Consultant, Jeremiah Ajayi

Jeremiah Ajayi recently shared tips on how overcoming envy and learning to stop comparing yourself to others and it is definitely spot on! You decide to scroll through your LinkedIn timeline and boom, he says… it shows you that one

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Dear MIMsters: I Know that I am Ugly But Hearing it From Him Hurts

The father of my child called me ugly in front of people. I know that I am ugly because many people have called me ugly before, but hearing it coming from him, worse, in front of people hit me so

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