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When A Pastor’s Daughter Feels Reluctant To Marry A Pastor… Read The Falohun’s Interesting Love Story & Advice For Intending Couples

Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Oluwole Falohun of Hope Christian Centre, Oke Odo, Lagos, have been married for 32 years now and blessed with three children. Recently, they spoke with Daily Sun on the secret of their successful marriage and also

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Lawmakers Pass Resolution That Will Mandate Intending Couples In Nigeria To Do This

Intending couples in Nigeria will now have to comply with new directives mandated by the members of the House of Representatives before marriages can be contracted. As part of efforts to prevent the spread of the sickle cell disease, the

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Right Or Wrong? Divorcees To Start Counselling Intending Couples In This State

The Association of Divorcees in one of the States of the country is set to introduce counselling centres for intending couples across the state in an effort to address challenges leading to divorce in marriage. The association’s Chairperson, Hajiya Balaraba

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