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Marriage & Life Coach, Temilolu Okeowo Explains How Emotional Disconnect Can Trigger Issues In Your Marriage

A good marriage takes a lot of determination on the part of the couple to cultivate through the process of nurturing, strengthening, and encouraging each other to give their best, explains relationship and lifestyle coach, Envagelist Temilolu Okeowo. Nevertheless, you

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20 Non-negotiable Issues Couples Must Discuss Before Getting Married, According To A Woman

Marriage is a huge commitment that shouldn’t be entered into lightly, and one woman has developed a checklist for couples before they say I do. Twitter user @cxkenobxkerry shared her list of 20 things that every couple should discuss before they walk

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Dear MIMster: How Should I Handle My Wife Who Stormed Our Home With Soldiers?

My wife and I had an argument or a disagreement, and she packed out from my room first, then our house. She moved with our two babies, a 15 months-old and a month old baby and most of her belongings.

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