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#SexForGrades: Senate Proposes Bill With 27 Clauses That Will Nail Erring Lecturers

The Senate, on Wednesday, debated a bill which will see to the discouragement of bad behaviour in the form of sex-for-grades in tertiary institutions across  Nigeria. This comes after the viral reports of the investigative documentary  carried out by BBC

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Female Teacher Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison For Having Sex with Underage Students

Brianne Altice, former English teacher at a high school in Kaysville, Utah, has been jailed for 30 years for allegedly having sex with three of her students who are underage. She blamed her terrible  low self-esteem issues for her inappropriate

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Father Forces His Pregnant Teen Daughter To Marry Her Rapist

A mean father has been sent to jail after he forced his daughter to marry the man who raped her. Mirror gathered that a father, in Idaho, in the US, has been arrested and sent to jail for forcing his pregnant

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