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Medical Experts Identify One Of The Safest & Surest Ways Couples Can Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies & Why Men Avoid It Like A Plague

A latest research has shown that medical practitioners in the area of fertility control have found vasectomy to be one of the safest ways couples can prevent unwanted pregnancies. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception.

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Medical Breakthrough: Male Birth Control That Lasts For Up To 13 Years Passes Safety Tests| See How It Works

Medical doctors at the Indian Council of Medical Research have completed a clinical trial for a new male birth control. Male birth control has faced a number of obstacles in the past because men are able to produce a copious

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Eureka! Male Birth Control Pill Has Passed Human Safety Tests

This should be good news but we have no idea how the menfolk will view it. Male birth control pill has just been declared safe and effective. Birth control pills for men has faced a number of obstacles in the

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