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After Two Failed Marriages Due To His Infertility, First-Time-Father, Bubacarr Sankanu Shares His Inspiring Story

A filmmaker from the Gambia, who has a low sperm count has welcomed his first biological child with his third wife after two failed marriages. Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu, a University of Stirling UK graduate took to Facebook on Saturday,

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COVID-19 Could Cause Infertility In Men, New Study Finds

COVID-19 may lead to infertility in men by blocking testicular cells that produce sperm, a new study has claimed. According to scientists, the disease could make men infertile even if they only suffer a mild form of the disease. The

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Fertility Expert, Dr. Tunde Okewale Tells Why Male Infertility In Nigeria Is On The Rise

Male infertility around the world is is on the rise by the day and a medical expert, Dr. Babatunde Wale Okewale has shared why it is so among Nigerian men. Dr. Okewale is a UK trained Consultant Obstetrician –Gynecologist with

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