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Ex Beauty Queen Millen Magese Spills on Battle With Endometriosis & Birth of Her Miracle Son: “I had lost several other pregnancies, I didn’t think I could survive another loss” 

Tanzanian supermodel, Millen Magese welcomed her first child, a son last year. After years of battling & overcoming endometriosis- a gynaecological condition which can cause severe pain and infertility, Millen’s doctors confirmed that her IVF procedure was successful and she was pregnant in

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Tanzanian Model Battling Endometriosis Defiles All Odds as She Welcomes Baby Boy

One of Africa’s most celebrated runway queen and model Milen Magese also known as Ladiva Millen gave birth to a baby boy a week ago in Columbia. She shared this on Instagram. The Tanzanian supermodel Magese, who was reasonably private about the

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