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Scientists Find That Moms Who Suffered From This Unpleasant Pregnancy Sickness Tend To Have Children With Higher IQs

Researchers have discovered that if you suffer from pregnancy sickness, you may likely have a child whose IQ is higher. The full meaning of IQ is Intelligent Quotient, a way of measuring intelligence in humans. This simply means that your

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Why The Term ‘Morning Sickness’ Is Misleading – Study

The term ‘morning sickness’ is misleading and should instead be described as nausea and sickness in pregnancy, argue researchers who have demonstrated that these symptoms can occur at any time of the day — not just the morning researchers led

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Study Links Severe Morning Sickness To Higher Risk Of Autism

A new study claims that children whose mothers had hyperemesis gravidarum — a severe form of a morning sickness — during pregnancy were 53% more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, according to Kaiser Permanente research published in

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Author, Lola Busari Narrates Her Horrible Experience With Hyperemesis Gravidarum During Her 1st & 2nd Pregnancies

All women experience morning sickness during pregnancy. Some morning sicknesses are mild while some are severe. The severe form of morning sickness is referred to as Hyperemesis Gravidarum and it involves serious vomiting and nausea. According to HER Foundation, women

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Ten Ways To Ease Morning Sickness (Part Two)

Mark Wealth Continued from part one It is definitely not a pleasant feeling and no, it doesn’t have a cure. There are ways pregnant women could cope with it though. Get some biscuits to chew on as we show you

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Ten Ways To Ease Morning Sickness (Part One)

Mark Wealth When a woman conceives, her body undergoes changes to prepare to support the growing baby. Hormones are released in unprecedented amounts and the body draws on the mother’s body nutrients to feed the baby. This whole process takes

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13 Quick Tips To Ease Off Your Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the top causes of misery most pregnant women have to deal with. Thought to be the body’s response to increased levels of the pregnancy hormone, human chronic gonadotrophin (hCG), symptoms could range from vomiting to

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Morning Sickness: 2 Mums on their Experience & Relieving Symptoms

Pregnant and currently battling bouts of morning sickness? You are not alone. MIM got two mums to share their experiences as well as useful tips on relieving the typical symptoms. Ebube Imana, mum of two During my first pregnancy, I

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