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British Supermodel, Naomi Campbell Discusses Life As A Single Woman At 49, Plans For Motherhood And Her Struggle With Addiction

English model, actress and businesswoman, Naomi Campbell, has shared on her plans towards becoming a mother while discussing life as a single lady at 49. T he 49-year-old who is currently living and loving the single life without a partner

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Naomi Campbell, P Diddy, Lupita Nyong’o Look Stunning in Alice in Wonderland-Themed Pirelli 2018 Calender

The iconic Pirelli Calendar is an annual publication known for its notorious exclusivity, as it is reserved for important clients and VIPs. The calendar has transformed in recent years, from a flashy pin-up style gift for Pirelli costumers that dates

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Naomi Campbell Talks About Having Children at 46 and Beyond

British supermodel and actress, Naomi Campbell, said she thinks about having children all the time. The 46-year-old supermodel, who had previously said she has considered adoption, seems to have changed her mind, as she is now thinking about having her own biological

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