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Nkiru Ehi-Ekome on Coping As A First-Time Mum

After two kids, I am amused sometimes when I relive my experience as a first-time mum. My first delivery experience wasn’t exactly a fantastic one. I had laboured for 12 hours, although I was induced. I stopped dilating at 8

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10 Basic Things To Do Before a Baby’s Arrival

Toyin Osaigbovo Your new baby is on its way. What do you do to prepare for this bundle of joy and the attendant issues that will come up as a result of this new addition to your home? Find basic

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Six Practical Ways for New Mums to Get More Sleep

Ireyimika Oyegbami A scientific journal, JNeuorsci, in its recent report said that, “Sleep loss can contribute to anxiety, stress and emotional reactivity.” This is most likely the reason a sleep deprived mother may feel stressed and otherwise emotionally reactive in

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