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Read Inspiring Story Of 23-Year-Old Woman Who Was Doused In Acid By Dad At 2 Months Old

A woman who was doused in acid by her father when she was just two-months-old has put behind her horrors and is helping other young girls be more confident and  accepting of themselves by sharing her life’s story and enthusiasm.

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Ways To Give Your Child A Treat This Holidays Without Breaking The Bank

The holidays are here again, the kids are around a lot more and the general atmosphere is merry. With the holidays, come a lot of pressure on parents to keep it fun and memorable, particularly for the kids. READ ALSO: 5

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8 Things Every Mum Should Do in 2017

Being the 10th day of the year 2017, its not too late to wish every mum out there a happy new year! As an organised mum, you probably have the year booked, for the kids, for your husband and for your

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