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These Nigerian Dads Are Pushing To Change The Narrative Of Gender Roles At The Homefront

Some Nigerian dads who play active roles in caring for their children have taken to Twitter to complain about society’s perception of their roles and how people, women especially, seem to think it’s unusual for them to be doing ‘mommy’s’

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Nigerian Men Share Heartfelt Stories From Watching Their Wives Give Birth In Agony

Modern men have become so closely involved with the pregnancy and even childbirth experiences of the women in their lives. It is amazing to see that many Nigerian men have also gotten on the train and want to be present

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Who Cooks At Home? These Men Pushing to Change the Narrative of Gender Roles Are a Breath of Fresh Air

A Twitter user, Ifeanyi Nsofor with the handle @ekemma is calling on Nigerian textbook publishers to change the narrative of gender roles in the home. Citing an encounter with his daugher, the father of a five-year-old pointed out why Nigerian publishers

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