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Fibroids: What Twitter User, @DoreenGLM Wants Nigerian Parents To Know

A Twitter user, @DoreenGLM’s tweet is raising some questions about parenting. Becoming a parent is celebrated and people look forward to being one, however, not many parents are fit to raise children because of many reasons other than providing for

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Boy Vs Girl, Who Is Tougher To Raise? Nigerian Parents Air Their Candid Views

Raising a child, whether a boy or girl has its ups and downs, While some parents think one gender is easier to raise or train than the other, others think both gender are a bunch of work. In light of

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Nigerian Parents On The Ideal Age For Their Children To Get Married

Some Nigerian parents have spoken with PUNCH correspondents on the ideal marriage age for their male and female children. Some parents, according to the interviewer think their female child should be ready for marriage at 25 and the male child

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What Will Now Be Done To Nigerian Parents Who Still Indulge In Female Genital Mutilation In The UK

Nigeria ranks third among Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practicing countries in the world. Following on from the first-ever UK conviction for FGM in February this year, which saw a woman sentenced to 11 years in prison for FGM offences, the

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Publisher & Mum-Of-Three, Betty Irabor, Takes One For The Team, Apologises To Children Of Nigerian Parents

Genevieve magazine publisher and mum-of-three, Betty Irabor is doing the good work on behalf of herself and all Nigerian parents. The 62-year-old mum took to Instagram to write a heartfelt post to children of Nigerian parents, apologising for having failed

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Rapper Wale Stirs A Conversation About Nigerian Parents That You Probably Can Relate With

Nigerian-American rapper, Wale was on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s show, Red Table Talk, where he spoke about Nigerian parents, their relationship with their kids, and how they show love. The rapper, born to Nigerian parents, while speaking about men and their ability

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This Nigerian Man Touches On A Delicate Issue As Regards Relationships And Marriages. Do You Think His Opinion Is True?

A Nigerian man with Twitter handle JUDE ONYEKWERE SKONES™@perfectskones has taken to twitter to pen down a most controversial topic. He wrote about how some Nigerian families have destroyed the marriages of their loved ones. He mentioned amongst other factors: religion,

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Tope Delano on When Parents Do Spiritual Background Check on their Children’s Potential Spouses

The controversial question that says, ‘Is it advisable or proper for your parents to help do a spiritual background check of your potential spouse before you get married to them” was asked on Nigerian twitter. Reacting to the tweet, a Nigerian writer

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Five Annoying And Funny Things Nigerian Parents Have Caught Their Kids Doing

Everyone knows how awesome kids are. But they can also be a handful and are usually up to one form of mischief or another. So parents – in this case, Nigerian parents – have learnt not to leave their kids

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