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9 Reasons Why Women Do Not Leave Abusive Relationships From A Nigerian Perspective

Domestic abuse victims can be men, women, children, or even domestic help. However, a multi-country study by WHO (2005) shows that women are more at risk of experiencing domestic violence and it is not easy to respond effectively to this

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Paediatrician, Dr Gloria Nwosu Tells How An Ignorant Nigerian Mum Caused The Death Of Her 9-Year-Old From Trying To Treat Head Lice

A nine-year-old girl has died after her mother applied a chemical to her hair in a bid to rid her hair of lice. A pediatrician at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Gloria Nwosu, disclosed this in Port Harcourt,

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Nigerian Man, Suhail Speaks Truth On The Plight Of Nigerian Wives In Refreshing Twitter Thread

Twitter user, Suhail took to his handle Pengpappi_xo to talk about all those things that Nigerian wives talk about in hushed tones. The businessman explained why women prefer to spend holidays with their own families and not their in-laws. He

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Amazing Love Story Of 50-Year-Old Nigerian Woman, Gladys Lasila, Will Warm Your Heart

A beautiful Nigerian woman, Gladys Lasila, is causing a buzz on the internet due to her unique love story. Gladys who looks not one day older than 35, finally walked down the aisle for the first time on her 50th

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73 Year Old Nigerian Nanny, Oluremi Adeleye, Found Guilty Baby Enita’s Murder For Doing What Is Considered A Common Practise In Nigeria

Nigerian mum and granny, Oluremi Adeleye, has been found guilty of all charges of second-degree murder, second-degree child abuse and child abuse resulting in death of 8-month-old Baby Enita Salubi.  This is coming after footage on a nanny cam captured the 73-year-old

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Dear MIMsters: Is He Genuine or Is Only After Securing a Citizenship?

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m a 26 year old south African woman who needs to whether this guy is genuine or wants citizenship. A few years ago, I got into an arranged engagement while I

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Another Nigerian Student Based in America Gets Accepted into 8 Ivy League Schools

Jude Okonkwo, a senior at Chaminade High School, has been accepted into Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University – all of which are top Ivy League schools. READ ALSO: Incredible! 17 Year Old Nigerian

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