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Malaysian Based Man at Centre of Online Dating Scandal Breaks Silence

Okibe Olivia recently took to Facebook to advise ladies on dating men before choosing them as their life partners (read here). Sharing photos from her grand introduction ceremony which took place in January 2017, the Nigerian lady, 22, revealed that she eventually called off

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UPDATE: ”Tell the truth” Sister of Malaysian Based Man in Online Dating Scandal Fires Back

The Nigerian lady Okibe Olivia, 22, who shared photos from her introduction ceremony with a man, Emeka Augustine who she never dated, with claims that she suffered a lot including depression while engaged to her ex (read here), is being attacked

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”I never dated him before saying, I do” Nigerian Woman Shares Bitter Experience of Online Dating

A Nigerian woman, Okibe Olivia, who seems to have learnt a life lesson the hard way after her marriage to her Malayasia-based husband crashed, has taken to her Facebook to advise ladies to first date men before choosing them as their

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