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Actress, Kemi Lala Akindoju Wants To Hear Your Take On This Style Trend

One of the unspoken rules for women in the spotlight is to not wear the same outfit more than once to a public event, at least not for a long time. The debate was brought to fore again some days

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How to Avoid Getting Raped | Singer Dencia Advises Women

Cameroonian/ Nigerian-born singer Reprudencia Sonkey, known by her stage name Dencia, has some words of advice for women on limiting the attempt in getting raped. According to the fashion designer and philanthropist, women should stop putting themselves in any situation that

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6 Slaying Outfits You Must Have This Holiday

Christmas is here again! And you know what that means – plenty of events and stylish outfits. Yes, this is the season when everybody brings out their best clothes, or visits the tailor to have the best styles custom made for them.

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