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5 Common Discipline Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

Dolapo Marinho Let’s face it, parenting is hard work. Unless you have a fairy godmother or an entourage of staff helpers, being a parent can drive you to the end of your tether. The issue of discipline is one that

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7 Parenting Mistakes You Never Want To Make (Part Two)

Ineh Olisah Continued from part 1 Whatever parenting mistakes you have made in the past, learn from them and leave them right there where they belong – in the past. Looking forward, these are 7 parenting mistakes that you want

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5 Parenting Mistakes That Reduces Chances Your Child Will Listen To You

By Amy Morin Whether your child responds to your directions by saying, “In a minute!” or he ignores your commands completely, dealing with a child who doesn’t follow directions can be frustrating. Some parents respond by doing the task themselves,

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