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Understand Why Addiction Expert, Mandy Saligari Warns Parents That “Giving your toddler a phone is like giving them hard drugs”

Most people understand addiction to mean an unhealthy fixation on narcotics, sex, gambling and outright vices. However, an addiction is basically compulsive engagement in an activity for rewarding stimuli despite the adverse consequences. All addictions work the same way and

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How To Protect Your Eyes From The Growing Rates Of Eye Problems/Blindness From Over-Exposure To Phones- Consultant Ophthalmologist, Chioma Uchendu 

Chioma Uchendu, a consultant ophthalmologist with the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, has advised regular breaks from smartphones and other devices like computer and television screens to avoid damage to the eyesight. Uchendu, who gave the advice in an interview with

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