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Bride, Israa Seblani, Caught In Beirut’s Massive Explosion During A Photoshoot Recounts Her Lucky Escape | VIDEO

A Lebanese bride who was rocked by the massive blast in Beirut while posing for photographs on her wedding day has spoken out about her terrifying ordeal. Israa Seblani, a 29-year-old doctor working in the United States was seen posing

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Why Twitter User Uche Maduka Remained Ashamed Of Her Name For Six Years Has Some Lessons In It

A Nigerian woman has shared her story after she  recovered from an experience that caused her deep shame six years ago. Her story is an eye-opener for parents and institutions to follow up on the mental health and well-being of

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New Mum, Halima Abubakar Explains Why She Used The Photo Of Another Woman’s Baby To Announce The Birth Of Her Child

Actress and first-time mum, Halima Abubakar has reacted to the backlash she received after an American mum called her out for using her baby’s photo to announce the birth of her child. Read the initial post here. Reacting via her

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Celebrity Dad, DaddyFreeze Models Responsible Parenting By Getting Man Who Sexualized His Son On Instagram Arrested

Celebrity dad, Ifedayo Ayorinde aka DaddyFreeze has shown that he is deliberate about parenting and ensuring a safe place for his children as well as other peoples’ children after getting a potential pervert arrested. Freeze had shared a photo of

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Too Cute! Check Out Stunning Photo of Family of Nine

This is one of the most adorable family photos ever. The couple looks so young and stunning with their seven lovely children, flawless in the photo. Beautiful family!