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Baby Born 3 Months Prematurely Survives Against All Odds: ”He was not supposed to make it”

The woman above and her husband were told their baby had no chance of survival and were advised to get an abortion. They however declined and now their miracle baby boy, who was born prematurely at six months, has defied

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Mother Shares Miraculous Story about How Her Premature Twins Fought Obstacles to Survive

Lynn Donelly, 34, who is married to Tony Donelly, was diagnosed with ‘polycystic’ ovary syndrome when she was fourteen, and always knew that conceiving a child would be difficult. According to Dailymail, the couple spent a decade undergoing procedures to

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Brother & Dad Give Premature Twins Life Saving Skin-to-Skin Therapy

A proud dad and big brother snuggled with some newborns as part of a “revolutionary” practice meant to regulate a baby’s body temperature and help them breathe better. An amazing photo of a big brother helping his dad take care

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